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The company was set up on 19th February 1999 by decision of the Council during its Plenary session, as a public limited company with a 100% municipal holding. During its Plenary meeting of 23rd February 2000, the Council decided to transform the company Foment de Ciutat Vella, SA. into a mixed economy corporation with an initial capital of 6 million Euros:

  • 3.6 million Euros of public capital (60%)
  • 2.4 million Euros of private capital (40%)

business object

The company was set up with the objective of executing all the urban planning and building activities planned within the scope of transforming and revitalising the Ciutat Vella district.


Foment de Ciutat Vella, SA has a maximum term of fourteen years, and at the end of this term its assets and liabilities revert back to the public or private entities in which the public authorities hold a 100% share, once the private capital shares have been redeemed.

lines of activity

In accordance with article 49 of the Municipal Charter of Barcelona, the company business plan divides its activities into two branches, depending on the type of capital:

  • Public activities

    This branch of activity includes the management of the Municipal Activities Programme ("PAM") operations that the city council has entrusted to the company, and urban planning and design activities for new urban areas or the remodelling of existing ones.

    This branch of activity includes economic promotion activities linked to the strategic objectives of revitalising Ciutat Vella.

    The municipal initiative activities also include the promotion of private rehabilitation work through the Ciutat Vella Housing Office.

    Lastly, this branch of activity also includes the management and maintenance of part of the municipal buildings located in Ciutat Vella that are not currently assigned to public service and have been entrusted to Foment de Ciutat Vella, SA by specific mandate.

  • Market economic activities

    These are operations for obtaining or selling land or homes either in the form of undeveloped land, buildings, homes or commercial premises which are developed for the purpose of promoting the regeneration of urban tissue and driving the economy, opening the door to the participation of private enterprise in this type of activity.

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